Fabulously Flawless Vouge Fashion Film

The fashion film by Vouge Italia is always a perfect blend of fashion, art and film. The makers of this type of films help the fashion makers to promote their brands very effectively. The organizers of The Fashion Film Festival Milano and Vogue Italia together support and encourage the talented artists of the Italian fashion industry. Vogue will make the original film which is meant to promote a particular fashion brand. These films are highly innovative and each film is for promoting a particular brand. In the month of September, the popular Italian brands appeared in diverse films that were screened during the 3-day Vogue Fashion Night Out Festival. The fashion film titled “Through My Eyes” is one among the ten films that were selected by a panel of ten directors from the numerous films on Italian fashion brands which were screened during the Milano Fashion Film Festival, 2016. This editorial film promoted the fashion clothes of Alberta Feretti. The story is about a young rich girl who got bored and wanted to get transformed as a fish by undergoing a plastic surgery. This film was directed by the directing duo Melany and Mauro Chiarello Ciardo appears as the model.

The Cover Girl

Each fashion film of the season proved that this film genre has matured. The season witnessed the production of fashion films that are widely diverse. The most humorous films could draw the best results. The “Cover Girl” is an American Vogue film in which the writer –cum-actress Lena Dunhum is posing under instruction from Hamish Bowles, the international editor. Taking inspiration from the many past and present models, Dunham and Bowles succeeded in producing the most awesome cover poses of the magazine. The poses were recognized as highly appealing dance forms. This fashion film was shared on Facebook more than 14700 times. When they were convinced that the film was so appealing, the producers created a video to instruct the viewers how to perform the dance themselves.
Vogue effectively promotes a brand through a fashion film which is basically about world, people and culture. As a result the brand becomes popular among global audience. These films clearly explain the culture of fashion and are always relevant as well as thought-provoking. The films inspired the viewers to think deep how they dress, eat, live and what they listen, watch and read. The films highlight fashions throughout. \

Vogue T-Shirts

Those who viewed The Covers become eager to buy the Vogue T-Shirts. The limited edition T-Shirts successfully stood the test of time. These T-Shirts can be purchased in the stores of Conde Nast. Nast was a publisher from New York who started his magazine in the year 1909 when he purchased the Vogue Company. When he incorporated Conde Nast in the year 1923, the magazine became a very popular fashion promoter. With the introduction of British Vogue in the year 1916, Conde Nast earned the reputation as the first publishing company that published the foreign edition of an existing magazine. Instead of trying for a large readership base for the magazine, Conde Nast made it a point to cover particular social groups and groups of people who have common interests. The magazine mainly focused on fashion and also focused food, culture, travel, home and various other interests.

At present Nast is publishing more than 120 magazines and the company is active in more than 25 markets. Apart from the Vogue T-Shirts, the magazine promotes various other popular brands also such as Glamour, GQ, Wired, AD, Vanity Fair and Conde Nast Traveler. 
The Fashion Film Festival Milano was started and organized by Constanza Cavalli Etro. Numerous fashions from different parts of the world are exhibited in this international fashion film festival. The festival facilitates nurturing of talents and provides the international platform for products of unique quality as well as excellence. 

The Slip Dress

I love the idea of waking up and being able to put on something over my body that doesn’t require having to lunge into or jump up and down in to make it fit on properly. That’s why sliding into a slip dress is my idea of a ‘stress-free’ morning.

Slip dresses have been around a lot longer that you think they have. They date back to the 1920’s when actually at this time they were only purely wearing them as sexy undergarment. Fast forward into the 1990’s, Kate Moss and her team of super model friends then started to wear the slip dress either with a pair of worn-out Doc Martens or strappy shiny heels.

Kate Moss Wearing Silk Slip Dress (1993)                                                       [www.express.co.uk]


An amazing thing about slip dresses is that they have never gone out of style, and the way you wear one can change your whole image. You can dress it down to define grunge, dress up to make yourself look glamourous on a night out or even still for the bedroom eyes only! Slip dresses can be worn all year round and can be worn in different materials such as silk, satin or even chiffon. Adding that unexpected piece of jewellery can make the whole difference whether it is a diamond necklace or having eight different rings on different fingers. Best way of wearing a slip dress is to wear one with a plain colour.

As a person who enjoys being in trend and wearing what I feel looks good on me, I am one for the slip dress. If you feel uncomfortable or don’t like the idea of wearing a slip on dress, don’t forget there are other ways of styling it up such as wearing a jumper, cardigan or even wearing a pair of trousers underneath if you like to stand out from the crowd. Make it a casual look by wearing a pair of trainers or look fabulous with a pair of strappy heeled sandals. When buying a slip on dress you want the dress to hug just slightly on the waist but to skim over your hips.

Slip Dress over White T-Shirt                                                                [www.notorious-mag.com]

Slip Dress over White T-Shirt                                                                [www.notorious-mag.com]