The Octopus

We pulled its dead carcass across the plain
Hands wrapped around tentacles twitching post-mortem
Lugging a shell void of breath

We inherited the deceased from our fathers
Not a single motherly tear shed at our born burden
Of transporting carrion insects

We pulled it through dried brambles and twigs sprung
From cracks marking where H₂0 vaporized a century ago
Our planet a desert deserted of life

We are the ‘Grim Reaper & Co’ moving company
No longer hands gripping tentacles but knuckles
Barred of flesh

We greet thou sallow picture of my poisoned love
With mercy conscious its skeletal reflection is our own
As we heave the octopus over our shoulders
And walk

We pulled its dead carcass across the plain
We pulled our dead carcasses across the plain