The Best Anti-Trump Street Art

Donald Trump is possibly one of the most hated Presidents of the United States of America throughout history, and nowadays protests against him are all too common. The 45th President has managed to anger many people around the globe with his greed, ignorance, arrogance and bizarre remarks regarding various topics.

 The “anti-Donald-Trump” movement is now trending and street artists are not shying away from showing their own points of views on the issue. From calling Trump ‘Donald Duck’ to a ‘Piece of Poop’, the protest is becoming increasingly more intense each day and we can see this evidenced in streets around the World.

Here are a few of the best anti-Trump works that have appeared on walls and sidewalks across the world:

Don’t feed the trolls by TABBY

The Best Anti-Trump Street Art.jpeg

An artist from Vienna tells us not to feed the trolls. Their meaning? Trump speaks of anything and everything, no matter how controversial, angering millions as well continuing his presence in headlines worldwide. This aids in his becoming stronger and more famous. Thus, “Don’t feed the troll.”

Rape Trump by Indecline

The Best Anti-Trump Street Art.jpg

With the help of collaborators across the world, “Indecline” created an innovative art project called “Rape Trump”, and continued to paint the piece at the Tijuana airport, on a section of the old US and Mexico border wall. The street art interprets Trump’s illogical allegations of all Mexicans being ‘Rapists”, and, as told to “Vice” in October 2016, the members of the collective have said, “We want to raise awareness. Controversy works better than something subtle." 


Egg Donald Trump by Furia ACK

The Best Anti-Trump Street Art

This January, the people of London were given a great show as Furia ACK spray painted this portrait of Trump in London’s East End, only for the piece to be showered withthe love of some raw eggs. The artist pelted raw eggs at the portrait and encouraged passersby to do the same. Furia ACK told the London 24, "I honestly believe a lot of people in the same situation would gladly do the same against him and his views.”


Dump Trump by Hanksy

The Best Anti-Trump Street Art

So, if you think that in the portrait above Trump bears a striking resemblance to poop, then you may not be shocked to learn that the portrayal does indeed show the President as poop. The New York Street artist Hanksy has a mission to degrade Trump and he is doing so very effectively. You can see the 45th US President as a giant pile of poop in Manhattan’s Lower East side, yet Hanksy has built no barriers as he is planning to take the message nationwide via his “Dump Across America” website.


Donald Eres Un Pendejo by Ilegal Mezcal

The Best Anti-Trump Street Art


This Spanish language graphic translates to ‘Trump is a dumbass’ or an ‘asshole’. The graphic can be seen in New York, Los Angeles and Miami as the liquor brand ‘Ilegal Mezcal’ created this marketing strategy to protest against Trump alongside a “charity cause” that donates $2 to organizations for undocumented young people. 


Drumpf by El Peezo

The Best Anti-Trump Street Art


Remember the “Star Wars” baddie “Jabba the Hutt”? Well artist El Peezo combined Trump with the Star Wars’ villain in this amazing piece of art in the Phoenix New Times. According to the artist, Trump cannot be justified as a human; he is rather a character. Peezo told the Phoenix New Times that "People need to see him as a character, not a candidate for President."  


Trump This (Chemis)

The Best Anti-Trump Street Art


A street artist from the Czech Republic has painted this incredible piece of art depicted a young boxer appearing through a wall in Malta after punching Trump’s head. In this way, Chemis has beautifully shown his disregard towards Trump.


Donald McTrump by Ivan Orama

The Best Anti-Trump Street Art.jpg


New York based street artist, Ivan Orama, displayed this piece of art around his home city of London, among other locations, which portrays his dislike for the US President by imagining him as Mcdonald’s ‘Ronald Mcdonald’, an infamous clown figure.


These are a few of the best pieces of street art in protest of Donald Trump, but if you have seen more, let us know!