Dear Anorexia

I slipped you on 

like a little black dress

but you stuck to my skin 

like oil. Smothering spill 

on the surface of my sanity;

you madden me.


I am not an ocean, but I feel vast. 

Covered by you,

vicious veneer,

cold clot on the once-curves 

that I lost, like casualties of war,



the shimmer on my body is inviting.

yes, it's enticing to see

bones being born

from the fading folds of flesh,

rising to rally around me.


ribbons of ribs;

little homunculi

they seem to me, gallant soldiers

enclosing my chest in a cage.

Should I befriend them? 

I am smaller now.


I hear you,

pounding in my head

like a second heartbeat 




so loudly I cannot breathe.


How does your weight 

wear heavy on my bones

when I am a feather

blowing away?