Fire Friday's
to 6 Jul

Fire Friday's

Fire & JMART SPACE are teaming up to bring you an organic, unique experience. We understand the pressures creatives have; at times your creativity feels diminished by the perceived necessity of ‘Success and wealth’.

Our inner artist becomes lost and confused.

We are curating an experience to help you find direction and regain the confidence to express yourself. There will be music, art, drinks, warm energies and a number of creatives from different areas of London.

Come through after work ready to connect and find new inspiration.

Everyone is welcome.

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to 17 May


Next month we are starting summer off with our third London event.
After very successful events in Brixton and Homerton we have decided to move to the Rye wax’ hidden underground destination. With a low ceiling and encapsulating sound-system we feel it is the perfect location to enjoy live music.

Nosa will be the Dj for the night mixing his unique assortment of Hip-Hop, Trap and R&B. Additionally we have discovered a new collection of underground rappers each with their own very unique style of rap.

Line Up




Mani DM

Dan Kiing

DJ- Nosa

+ Special Guests

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to 22 Feb


Space, we are told, is infinite. An environment without limits held in the depths of our imagination. Although we may have access to evidence, without first-hand experience space remains just an idea. As each of our ideas are shaped by our own personal experience no two conceptions of space are the same.

In this sense, our minds have many similarities to space; without walls and the possibility of creation at any minute.

Showcasing a range of artists whose work allows your mind to escape the confines of the world we live in.

Step inside the art space and experience space through the eyes of numerous creatives. You may even leave with a different perception of it.

Music From:

Houston X




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Punk + Alt
7:00 pm19:00

Punk + Alt

Punk and Hip Hop share a similar anti-authority/DIY ethos. In the 1970s when punk first emerged bands self-produced and distributed their own albums through independent labels. Today with the advancements in technology anyone with a simple computer has the power to create and release their own music.

In an attempt to further separate from the conventions of  Uk Hip-Hop/ Rap a number of artists have embodied the Rockstar title. Master Peace is a perfect example, once you witness him perform his single Buck Me on the night you will realise he is far from just a rapper.

The political commentary present in Hip-Hop and punk is another area that ties these genres together. Mic in his latest release Heaven is Black  discusses the black experience from his own perspective. His content is ‘against the grain’ and his style of delivery makes him most easily defined as an Alt-Grime rapper.

We have selected a number of other artists who we feel displays the emergence of Punk + Alt sound within Uk’s music scene:

Calm Zulu and Emro create an Erika Badu-esque form of neo-soul that touches your heart and uncovers al your suppressed emotions. Their sound is incredibly reminiscent of the alternative rock of the 1980s.

Calm Zulu:



Princetta is yet to release any music, but the first day she came to our studio I was so inspired by the unique way she expressed her pain and hunger for success.


Our DJ for the night Nosa:

He will be mixing a selection of tracks he feels best represents the theme.

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