Hong Kong Architecture

In Hong Kong, the limited availability of land has resulted in architects building upwards to accommodate the vast population. Currently, China has over 7800 high rise buildings and over 1200 sky scrapers taller than a hundred metres. Before World War II, China was full of tong lau, three or four story buildings squeezed into a city block. Their incorporation of ground floor shops and apartments on the upper floor, all in one building, made them incredibly sustainable. However, the scarcity of land meant that many of these beautiful historical buildings no longer exist; instead, Hong Kong is now home to a more modern, contemporary style of architecture. There are many iconic buildings in the city that emphasise this, notably the Bank of China tower and the Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank building. These, amongst the other numerous skyscrapers, are superbly complemented by the Victoria harbour and the mountains, making one mesmerising skyline.