The 5 Best Books of 2016

Literature lovers always have a book in their hands, no matter if it’s winter or summer. For them, going to the beach isn’t a reason to be separated from a good book. The beach becomes the perfect place to read.
But, if you don’t know which new books you should read, we’ve selected our best books of 2016:

When Breath Becomes Air, Paul Kalanithi

At thirty-six, after ten years of training to become a neurosurgeon, Pol Kalanithi was diagnosed with incurable lung cancer. He went from being a doctor treating the dying, to a patient fighting for his own life in a matter of hours.

Paul Kalanithi died while still working on this deeply touching autobiography, and yet his words are still living, serving as a guide to all of us. When Breath Becomes Air celebrates life through its deepest thoughts of facing the death and of the relationship between doctor and patient, its author playing both of these roles. Whether we have one day left of our life, or whether we are at its beginning facing a long journey ahead, When Breath Becomes Air is one of those irreplaceable guidelines that will help us to live our lives to the full.


The Noise of Time, Julian Barnes

The Noise of Time is a novel in which any resemblance to real characters is intentional, but also completely irrelevant. Julian Barnes doesn’t merely write the biography of a famous Russian composer, above all he is creating a story about the relationship between art and power, art and ideology, and art and its artists. The artist in question is Dmitry Shostakovich, and the novel portrays his journey from glory to disgrace and back, to a fame that had lost its meaning in time; creating the backbone of the retelling. Barnes, once again, by way of his unique approach to the contemporary world of literature, interweaves history and imagination; the common human and the personal, leading us to the inevitable conclusion, that is more frightening than painful, that history can only be the fate of the individual in its whirl.  


The Girls, Emma Cline

This extraordinary novel is the unforgettable portrait of the girls in a period when they become women, when everything in life can go wrong.

Northern California, the end of the turbulent sixties. At the beginning of the year alone and pensive teenage girl Evie Boyd will see in the park a group of girls whose free behavior, casually dressing and dangerous aura of debauchery immediately attracted her attention. Evie becomes fascinated by the magical older girl, Susan, and is drawn into a cult that will soon come into disrepute, and whose leader is a very charismatic man.

Autumn, Ali Smith

It is planned that the "Autumn" will be the first text within a cycle consisting of 4 pieces. The parts of the cycle will be called "Autumn", "Winter", "Spring" and "Summer". Like the seasons, the 4 texts symbolize a cyclic recurrence. There will also be an investigation into what is time; how are we going through it and how do we feel it; and how does our life come to be under its influence. In the novel, "Autumn" wonderfully intertwines past and present, vitality and fertility, to create its unforgettable text.

Here I Am, Jonathan Safran Foer

This book is the great story of a Jewish family living in Washington, to where family gather for a Bat Mitzvah. The history of the family, particularly its experience of divorce and personal tragedy, evolves into one of the most tragic events in world history - the earthquake in the Middle East and the Israeli occupation.

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