The Sexuality of a Female

This works basis was to explore to explicit nature to which we grasp to youth; we all remember it. Yet to be that age is to be young, naive and have the world at your feet. Lolita treads somewhere on the cusp between childhood and adulthood, a liminal zone that leaves her susceptible to being further pulled this way and that, subject to a blueprint of changing bodies and desires. This work sits on the cusp of where a girl is available and when she is not, Lolita lust. Using the same ideas as much of the fictional character from the 1955 novel, Lolita, I have created an erotic cliché around them, not only are they Lolitas, they are us, they are me. I get a glimpse of that younger self through all the representation of Lolita; I remember how I wanted to appear as a teenager, trying on different mantels of self-conscious sexuality for the first time. Nostalgic and pleasuring it is to be able to revisit the sense of youth within this work and really push the limits of which we as girls, females and women have been subjected to. This work in its basis was to deal with every aspect of sexuality of a female, and how I feel about how it’s treated in photography today.