The Chicken Connoisseur: 23-year-old makes reviews of London’s Chicken shops in breaking news style

Everyone on the internet’s attention has been drawn to the YouTube-Channel “Chicken Connoisseur”, who’s owner is Elijah Quashie. The twenty-three-year-old blogger looks like a schoolboy, yet this makes his rigorous reviews of fast food in London so much more fun.
He started a series of videos entitled “The Pengest Munch” a number of months ago. Visiting London chicken restaurants creating independent reviews of them. Chicken Connoisseur YouTube channel became very popular as it reached more than 170,000 subscribers so far, and also has a selection of famous, British followers. Elijah started the show in August 2015, before which he was a missionary for the Mormon Church.

Besides his appearance of a teenage boy, Elijah is a natural in front of the camera showing huge enthusiasm, much to the surprise of his viewers. With his unique vocabulary, which may prove a little bit confusing for the older reader, he provides honest, objective, and sometimes harsh reviews about the quality of the food and its true value. 

Elijah has said that the goal of his videos is to provide real reviews of chicken shops around the London area to his fans. He has also said that, although restaurants usually have reviews, chicken shops can have food with a better quality for money without the honest reviews. 
On 7th December, he released a video about the Chick King restaurant in Tottenham, which after just six days reached more than 1.7 million views. 

The video begins with a joke about Tottenham football club and then switches to the mention of fast food. He said that people are not there for the football club, but for the chicken. After he had ordered the food and tried it, the "expert" draws particular attention to two things - the texture of fast food and its price. On the basis of the two criteria, but also including a small number of other criteria such as roasting spices and quantity, he made the final verdict. According to the verdict the chicken in the restaurant had a slight odor, but a "very good texture."

When he visited Dallas Chicken & Ribs in Waterloo, London he said: “The wings were seriously a peng ting. The chips were nang. Burger was sick – the assembly was on point. The fillet was a serious ting – the thickness was there. Bossman did well."
In another popular video, Elijah reviewed Chicken Valley restaurant, where he also had chicken, fries, and strawberry "Mirinda". By tradition, Elijah begins with a video review of his sneakers. As a result, he has only given the restaurant 1.5 points out of 5 for "pretty bad shape chicken."
Chicken connoisseur is not alone in his mission, On 25th October a Reddit user posted about a channel called ‘TheReportOfTheWeek’, on which appeared reviews of cheap fast food and beverages by a young man in a suit, with coiffed hair and good manners.