Central Intelligence - It rocks!

(Back to Front) Dwayne Jhonson - Kevin Hart                                                    [screenrant.com]

With Dwayne Johnson standing one foot taller (and one hundred pounds heavier) than Kevin Hart, it’s easy to see why their on screen chemistry carries this film. Would you have watched it if it starred Michael Grayhound and Jeremy Cage? No? Well that’s because you’ve never heard of them. I made them up. The point is, when one character’s head is famous, and also the size of another famous person’s bicep, you know it’s going to be a guaranteed box office sellout. The $35,000,000 million it made in it’s opening weekend speaks for itself.

So is the story any good? Well, actually the plot is pretty lame. But who actually cares?! No one is going to buy tickets and expect a comedy version of Inception. No, the comedy suffices as the standard crime/comedy set up which is all Hart and Johnson need to bounce off each other. Literally, bounce off each other. So here you have it:

Bob Stone (Dwayne Jhonson)                                                                                     [Coded.com]

From morbidly obese high school nerd Robbie Wierddick becomes buff CIA agent Bob Stone (Johnson). Bob still loves unicorns and sleeps in Calvin’s (Hart) jacket, which Calvin gave him to cover his modesty after being exposed by school bullies. Little did Calvin know that years later he would be roped in to a dangerous spy mission by Agent Stone…

Johnson carries this film. In his second ever comedy role, it’s his sweet temperament contrasted with his gun wielding abilities that gives the film his edge. Is he being real? Is he a crazed killer? Well it’s a cop buddy film… You figure it out.

What about Hart? Well Hart does Hart. He shits his pants at everything and delivers the punchy one liners. Is it new? No. Is it funny? Yes. If you want to have a few laughs and lose a days salary on popcorn then go watch. It rocks. Yeah, I said it.

Giulia Restivo