The Slip Dress

I love the idea of waking up and being able to put on something over my body that doesn’t require having to lunge into or jump up and down in to make it fit on properly. That’s why sliding into a slip dress is my idea of a ‘stress-free’ morning.

Slip dresses have been around a lot longer that you think they have. They date back to the 1920’s when actually at this time they were only purely wearing them as sexy undergarment. Fast forward into the 1990’s, Kate Moss and her team of super model friends then started to wear the slip dress either with a pair of worn-out Doc Martens or strappy shiny heels.

Kate Moss Wearing Silk Slip Dress (1993)                                                       []


An amazing thing about slip dresses is that they have never gone out of style, and the way you wear one can change your whole image. You can dress it down to define grunge, dress up to make yourself look glamourous on a night out or even still for the bedroom eyes only! Slip dresses can be worn all year round and can be worn in different materials such as silk, satin or even chiffon. Adding that unexpected piece of jewellery can make the whole difference whether it is a diamond necklace or having eight different rings on different fingers. Best way of wearing a slip dress is to wear one with a plain colour.

As a person who enjoys being in trend and wearing what I feel looks good on me, I am one for the slip dress. If you feel uncomfortable or don’t like the idea of wearing a slip on dress, don’t forget there are other ways of styling it up such as wearing a jumper, cardigan or even wearing a pair of trousers underneath if you like to stand out from the crowd. Make it a casual look by wearing a pair of trainers or look fabulous with a pair of strappy heeled sandals. When buying a slip on dress you want the dress to hug just slightly on the waist but to skim over your hips.

Slip Dress over White T-Shirt                                                                []

Slip Dress over White T-Shirt                                                                []