Mens - Autumn/Winter Trends 2016

With September coming around next month, it’s time to invest in A/W clothes. Sometimes it’s hard to look good in trends that don’t actually suit you…so here are different trends for men this A/W 2016 that you can try out.

Ports 1961 Fall Winter 2016-2017                                                        []

Ports 1961 Fall Winter 2016-2017                                                       []

Copper like a bronze penny

Stock your wardrobe with something copper (even if it’s copper socks). Even though your traditional A/W colours are navies, blacks, and dark greens, add some copper or a warm orangey-brown. This colour is great for all skin tones so don’t be shy. Make sure you stick with dark colours when trying to blend colour or patterns together.

Duffle Coats

Duffle coats have been around for years and you’re probably thinking ‘I’ll just wear the same one I’ve had for seven years’, think again. There’s nothing with wearing a vintage duffle coat but try and buy a new one with a metallic look to it or extending the length. Some designers such as Maison Margiela are making duffle coats without sleeves.

Sleeveless Maison Margiela Duffle Coat                                    []

Sleeveless Maison Margiela Duffle Coat                                    []


Sleek Slouchy Trousers

Trouser legs are loosening up this Autumn. These type of trousers are looser in the leg and wider at the feet. These trousers you’ll see coming around are wooly so stick to dark wool colors as they are easier to clean and even though you’ll be wearing baggier trousers this A/W, they will make you look slimmer. You can style them up with leather patent smart shoes or your Stan Smith trainers.

PJ Suits

Gentleman it is now acceptable to wear your pajamas out during day-time (all within style). Valentino and Dolce & Gabbana are saying it’s okay to wear a pajama suit. Try and make it matching as this will make your look complete and don’t be afraid to wear a turtle neck underneath so it doesn’t look you have just gotten out of bed. Also, try embroidery as it sits nicer on silk material.

Valentino Spring 2015 Menswear Collection (PJ Suit)                                []

Valentino Spring 2015 Menswear Collection (PJ Suit)                                []