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Poached Chicken with a White Wine and Mushroom Sauce

Another Food blog recipe from Bill?!’, ‘I can’t wait to find out what’s in store!’ Don’t worry folks, you’re gonna love this one. This time we’ll be doing chicken, the most versatile of all meats/birds. ‘The most popular bird in the country’ - GR. Amazing creatures. Bill tells me that the cheapest way, although not the easiest way, to acquire chicken is through buying a whole one and carving it up yourself. Not as scary a process as you might think! You don’t have to snap its neck first you lazy so and sos!  Hungry yet? Anyhow, having taken your two handsome chicken breasts with the skin removed from your beautifully carved chicken you can begin to create your master piece.

This one’s a ‘party pleaser’ according to Bill so you better believe him! We’re going to be serving poached chicken in a white wine and mushroom sauce with baked then mashed potato and some vibrant steamed leeks. Now the idea of poaching this chicken breast is to ensure it’s nice and moist and juicy. That’s right. Moist. Nothing worse than a dry chicken breast eh Bill.

And for the record salt and butter make things taste really good so if you don’t like it go back to your liquid diet okay? Dad Bods are in. Better to rant before cooking sorry not sorry. 


  • Two chicken breasts
  • Mushrooms 
  • 1 leek
  • White vino
  • Chicken stock (always cheating…)
  • Single cream
  • 4 Potatoes
  • Butter and lots and lots of horrible salt. And pepper.

The breasts and the sauce.

  • To begin, we want to seal the chicken breast in butter on a high heat.  4 minutes each side. Season the chicken! Salt and pepper of course. 
  • Then remove the chicken and make a start on the sauce. Fry those sliced mushrooms until brown in the same pan. Again some much needed salt and pepper. Then add 100ml of boiling water and a cube of chicken stock, mix and add to the already developing sauce. Reduce the sauce by half.
  • Separate pan. Splash of white wine in the pan and evaporate that alcohol on a high heat. We just need the flavour. Remember what I said? 
  • Next, put the two together obviously! Add a splash of single cream to the white wine and mushroom sauce and stir. 
  • Reintroduce the chicken into sauce pan and place lid over the damn thing. Poach the chicken on medium heat for 20 mins. 

While all this is going on!

  • Cut that leek into small neat little circles. Add boiling water and a small knob of butter into small sauce pot. Cook the leeks in this emulsion for 4-5 mins on medium heat. 
  • Strain the leeks, ready for service. We did need something green didn’t we? No yellow meals thank you.

Forgot about the mash?!

  • Start this process before you begin all others. Pre-heat your oven 200 °C. Now you can cheat by microwaving the potatoes for 10 mins before you do this *shock, horror*. 
  • Potatoes in the oven for 20 mins. Or 40 if haven’t microwaved them you purist! 
  • Baking the potatoes keeps all the flavour and nutrients. Longer process of mashing but better results. Believe in the process.
  • Spoon out the potato from the skins into pot. Keep the skins to incorporate into the dish if you like or just munch them down if impatient and hungry.
  • Then add splash of warm milk and small knob of butter. Season and mash until smooth. Yum!

Put all elements onto a plate in a fashion that pleases the eye. Done! Bon appetite.

Beer is absolutely fine for this one. 

Lukas Evans-Jones