Fresh Faces At Freshers

Freshers fair gives new student the opportunity to see what extracurricular activities their university has to offer. This is the perfect occasion for societies and sports teams to promote themselves. The Kent Mass society, with all their members oozing out their tank tops evidently took this more literally than others. Nevertheless, their ‘gun show’ was quite adequately complemented by the smooth soft track transition coming from the hip hop society table. So in unison like a Mr Olympia show that one would have thought they panned it.

 First years were not the only ones spotted. Some recognisable faces were caught relaxing in the sun preparing themselves for a new year. This year University of Kent added a live music area with tracks mixed by members the Canterbury radio society. Once the day has commenced, if you haven left with your pockets packed with pamphlets, hands stuffed with freebies and your email scribbled on at least 10 email lists you are doing it wrong.