Find yourself at Lost Festival

In a secretive woodland location, where no branding or mobile phones are allowed, the Lost Festival takes place. It enables people to detach themselves from the material world for a few days through art and music. The lineup has no clear timetable and time feels somewhat non-existent. The ambiance is beautiful and oozes energy. A high crowd engagement, for example the throwing of paint and contribution toward art installations, generates an intimacy in the festival experience.

Founder Jodie Powell’s final piece at Edinburgh College of Art had participants throw glasses of paint in an all-white bedroom, and it is this kind of artistic style that can be found at Lost Festival. The festival is incredibly art focused but the music is definitely not forgotten; grime can even be found without too much of a search.

Photographer Louis Hartridge captured portraits of individuals, encrusted with paint and glamourised with glitter, all finding themselves at Lost Festival