Photos Expressing the Beauty in The Streets

This work aims to express the beauty of the mundane of the streets; mostly photographing the people on the streets, documenting lives, people and tones which characterise places and events. I also wanted to capture the architecture and the shapes and forms of the buildings we reside in and swarm around everyday. I look at the banal and the ordinary, and often the mundane and urban decay of areas.

I lot of my inspiration came from photographers who continue to inspire me are notably Robert Frank, Martin Parr, Joel Meyerowitz, to name a few…

I love the power and versatility of the photograph, how a camera can enable you to literally compose art from reality, whether to create meaning, evoke emotion and feeling, or simply to create a beautiful thing. Photographs can really bring us closer to the beauty in the ‘normal’ which surrounds us, it’s really just about looking at things in a new way; infinite ways.

Taken in Brussels, Bruges, other European cities, as well as cities and places in America and Canada, these images are result of my interpretation of the ‘other’ in Western civilization of which I am not a part of. They are an outsider looking in; but they also a highlight of the things which are common in all of us and bring us all together. Taken in black and white and colour formats, these photographs take inspiration from influential documentary and decisive moment photographers, creating something timeless within, and from, the modern. I hope you enjoy.