An inside look at the process designers go through

The design process is carried out step-by-step and the process as a whole is considered as the solution to solve the problem or to meet the requirement. Engineers make use of the Design technology when they want to develop a new machine or a device to perform specific tasks. The design process in engineering includes architecture, building and testing. The engineering design process actually consists of eight steps that include identifying the purpose of the process, gathering all relevant information in order to prepare a solution, identifying the exact requirements, considering various solutions, selecting the best solution, completing the development task, making a prototype, testing the product and redesigning if necessary. However, all these steps may not be followed by engineers whenever they carry out a design process. They will develop a Product Design, test the same and in case there are problems they will either modify the design or redesign. The design process of this type is called iteration.
Important Stages of the Design Process

Preparation of the design brief:

In the first stage of the Design Process the problem or the requirement is understood clearly and accordingly the design brief is prepared. This can be about making a new machine or a new product or fulfilling some specific requirements. In the Design brief, the engineers will briefly describe the problem or the requirement and how it is to be solved. 


In the second stage of the Design Process, extensive researches are carried out and specific plans are charted out to develop the process or the facility to solve the problem or meet the requirement. During their research, the developers come across with the ideal Product Design which will meet the specific requirement. They will collect a few alternative designs also. With the design plan and the set of designs, they can produce a final design that will meet the exact requirements. While conducting the research the researchers should know clearly what information they have to gather in order to carry out the Design Process. The requirement of information will vary according to the project as well as the amount of information the researchers already have. 

During the research, the researchers have to find out the exact function of the Product Design that can solve their problem. Research is very important in design technology. Since the architecture of the design is significant, one should identify the specific aspects of the design such as shape, size, color or weight which is the most significant for the function of the design. Other information to be collected during the research includes the materials that are required for making the product as per the design and availability and price of the materials. The best methods for the construction can also be identified during the research. The research includes browsing various websites, referring books, listening to experts, contacting reliable sources and observing similar projects.

Preparation of the final plan

In Design technology, specification is very important. The specification shows the final result which is to be achieved. During the process of plan finalization, a minimum of three different plans are to be considered and compared so as to identify the best plan to solve the problem or to meet the requirement. Once, the final plan is selected, it is to be ensured that the final plan matches to each one of the specifications.

Construction of the Prototype

Once the plan is finalized, a prototype is to be made according to the plan. Once, the prototype is ready the Product Design may be tested. The testing will facilitate troubleshooting. Necessary corrections or modifications are to be made on the design.

Execution of the Plan

Now, the construction can be started. The date for completion of the project is to be fixed and accordingly the work schedule is to be prepared. All the materials and equipments that are required to complete the process are to be kept ready and sufficient manpower is also to be arranged. A lot of skillful work like taking measurements and making calculations also are to be carried out with perfection. It is also important to observe the safety regulations. 
Once the project is completed, the entire work done is to be evaluated and an evaluation report is to be prepared.

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