Grayson Perry is creating an affordable housing project for Artists


In Collaboration with architecture studio Apparata Artist Grayson Perry is creating an affordable housing project in Barking Town centre.

A house for Artists will be composed of 12 apartments for artists, rented out at only 65 percent of the market value. The project is aimed at a diverse range of artists such as graduates, older artists and even families. Its creation is in response to the housing crisis and in return resident artists will help with managing arts programmes for the local community

Residents will be selected after they are interviewed by a panel of judges, including Turner Prize winner Grayson Perry and other representatives from the local council. Both established and emerging artists from barking and Dagenham will be invited to be interviewed.



Perry: ‘This is a golden opportunity for artists who want to work with the public. With the right artists working in a real place with real people, who knows where it will go? It’s a new artistic model.’

At £ 3.5 Million, the building will have five stories constructed with red brick with the flats situated above the community art centre and the art studios on the ground floor. There will also be the option for co - living as each apartment is able to connect to its neighbour. Community and sharing appear to have been strong influences towards the concept as artists are even able to hold events and eat together in the outdoor dining areas.


Astrid Smitham further explained the concept: ‘Our idea was to create a housing model suited for artists but also for anyone, with large openings, good ceiling heights, generosity of space and a high level of adaptability. Housing has to be able to support different ways of living, be more relevant to how people live today, and be more capable of helping communities form, both within the building and in the local area.’ (Architects Journal)


This could be the answer to a financially sustainable community in which artists are able to afford living costs whilst also contributing towards the upkeep of the local infrastructure.

Selected artists will be able to move in from November 2019

ArtJoseph Aina