Chance the Rapper launches Pop-Up Exhibition "The Big Store"


Chance is relaunching “The Big  Store” for an extra weekend. Initially opened to the general public on July 27th, the pop-up installation and merch Shop will  open in time for Lollapalooza.

Its is more than just a retail experience. He had based the space from memories  of his childhood; such as the music room and family room. The Majority of the art was provided by Artist Sara Shakeel ” including the glass and resin CD that appears on the album’s cover.

“I received a message from Chance after I posted a digital image on Instagram that I had I created of a transparent CD glittering with crystals and the caption of, ‘this is what music looks like to me’,” said Shakeel. “He told me that the image inspired him so much and he wanted it to be his album cover so we worked together to create a real glass version with Swarovski crystals. He then asked if I could help create a pop-up experience inspired by important moments of his life, past and present, and show how each moment led him to where he is today. For me, as an artist, it is a true dream come true to work with someone so talented and creative and who really puts his art first.”

ArtJoseph Aina