Chance The Rapper's Unreleased Version of Kanye's 'Waves' May Be Even Better Than The Original

Chance The Rappers Unreleased Version of 'Waves' May Be Even Better Than The Original

Over a period of time, the World music has managed to witness a lot of great music artists. From rappers to pop singer the industry is filled with some great musicians across the globe.
Born in April 16, 1993, Chancelor Johnathan Bennett, popularly known as “Chance the Rapper” is a new sensation in the music industry. The American hip-hop music artist started his career in the year 2011 and got worldwide recognition after the release of his second mix tape, Acid Rap.
Apart from being a solo artist, he has also worked as a lead vocalist for the band called “The Social Experiment” who released the very popular album “Surf” in the year 2015.
In the year 2016, Chance the Rapper released his third mix tape “Coloring Book” which was critically acclaimed and it has received him three “Grammy nominations” including the “Best Rap Album”. Coloring Book was the first streaming-only album to ever receive a Grammy nomination.

Chance the Rapper has always managed to entertain the audience with his amazing music pieces; without a doubt, he is a rising star in the western music industry. Within just a few days this young hip-hop star has managed to emerge through all the odds.

American rapper Kanye West released his own 7th studio album “Life of Pablo” during the year 2013-2016 and it became quite a hit after the release of singles “Famous”, “Waves”, “Father stretch my Hands” and “Fade”. 
The album was quite a hit and then songs were popular among all the listeners. Although these versions of “Famous” and “Waves” have managed to make the audience groove into the beats, the original versions of the same by “Chance the Rapper” too have made the listeners go gaga over them.

Chance The Rappers Unreleased Version of 'Waves' May Be Even Better Than The Original

The unreleased original version of Chance the Rapper for the waves and famous was released in YouTube on August 16, 2016 and all the listeners cannot help but praise the initiative by Chance.
 According to few of the comments found in the YouTube comment version, this original version by Chance is much better than the version found in the album “Life of Pablo”. The song was originally composed by Chance, which was later improvised by Kanye and then put it in album.

A lot of people are not quite happy with the fact though that the young hip-hop artist did not use the song for his own album “Coloring Book”. Whilst a few of them cannot get over the fact that how amazing the original version of “waves” and famous” sounds!

The reinvented version of “Famous” however, is sung by Chris Brown in the album. A few people, however, claim that although Chance’s version has Soul in it and it is quite good, the choir didn't sound quite right until the end of the hook. Which is why it had to be improved and then added on the album.
And then there are a lot of people who claim that they would prefer Chance’s choir thousands time more to Chris Brown’s choir.

This young, talented and dynamic Rapper is undoubtedly one of the best musicians under the age of 30 and he has a lot more to go. Chances are, Chance might become the best Rapper of the new era pretty soon.
His original versions for “waves” and “famous” are the best examples of the same.