The New Dyson Hair Dryer

 Dyson Ltd. has been satisfying its consumers with a variety of products for many years and millions could not be happier with their services. Their products range from hand dryers to vacuum cleaners, from bladeless fans to heaters; this British technology company has provided a long list of electronic devices to almost 70 countries worldwide to this present day.

Amongst its products Dyson has recently launched a brand new product—it’s Supersonic Hair Dryer. Although new to the market, this amazing product has managed to steal the heart of many consumers, both male and female.

So, what is it that makes this new Dyson hair dryer so different from others on the market? The Dyson hair dryer technology is different from any of the other hair dryers currently available and will surely make them seem quite weak! Dyson products never really disappoint when it comes to their performances and technology. The hair dryer is quite small; measuring at around 1.5 inches wide and 16 inches long.

The New Dyson Hair Dryer

When you buy the product, you may wonder what else will come within the set? The hair dryer set contains the following things –

·        Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

·        Smoothing Nozzle

·        Styling Concentrator

·        Diffuser

·        Non-slip mat

·        Storage Hanger

In terms of the engineering of the Hair dryer, Dyson surpassed many expectations having managed to create magnetic attachments, which allow the user to control the airflow as well as to try different styles according to their wishes. The smoothing nozzle smooths your hair, while the styling concentrator allows you to style part of your hair without disturbing any other areas, and the diffuser helps you to disperse air evenly around your curls and to gently dry them.

Although the hair dryer is small this creates the option of mobility as it allows you to take it anywhere you go. Without a doubt it is packed with every important detail of technology that you require in a hair dryer, for example, the Dyson’s air multiple features, a digital motor and a heat sensor.

This technology is what makes the dryer different from the rest as it follows a brand new system that prevents your hair from any extreme heat damage and protects your hair’s natural shine. What’s more, this amazing hair dryer moves more than 13 liters of air every second!

So, how does this hair dryer benefit you? The new Dyson Supersonic hair dryer dries your hair faster, gives you extra shine and most importantly, it delivers intelligent heat control that smooths and straightens your hair. It doesn’t matter if your hair is straight, wavy, curly or coiled this hair dryer will make the best of you.

The New Dyson Hair Dryer

The story behind the Hair Dryer

We cannot thank Dyson enough for this amazing invention and their hard work has clearly paid its due. For over 4 years, the Dyson state-of-the-art laboratory has done research on various hair types, and with the help of over 2000 employees and after almost 500 inventions, Dyson finally created this amazing hair dryer.

Dyson Supersonic Hair dryer: Is it worth the price?

Now, you may find many other hair dryers on the market which are far cheaper than the Dyson hair dryer and, of course, as humans we are bound to be attracted to the cheaper ones, yet Dyson’s creation is definitely worth the money!

This super light, super fast hair dryer does the work far better than any other hair dryer on the market. Is it worth trying? Well, I would say yes!