What to Expect from the Louis Vuitton and Supreme Collaboration?

What to Expect from the Louis Vuitton and Supreme Collaboration?

At the beginning of 2017, there were rumors that Louis Vuitton was officially collaborating with Supreme. Many people doubted this fact but we have come to a time when such deliberation is no longer deemed a rumor. There are several photos, which were posted on Instagram by various people, confirming and affirming this collaboration. 

This collaboration will be something superb because it will bring together the strength of the graphic and that of the pop-art feeling which is expected to work together perfectly. However, a combination of the two has yet to see the light of day. Louis has collaborated with others, such as Scott and Takashi, in the past. These partnerships have always sought to exploit the art of Louis Vuitton but this time something of high quality is expected. 

There are six different handbag styles included in the Louis Vuitton and Supreme collection. Most of Louis’ programs are characterized by a monogram skateboard and a matching toolbox, and as such, there are heavy expectations that this collaboration will greatly borrow from this style. The mixing and matching between the styles and tactics employed by Louis and Supreme is expected to give birth to something of great quality. 

The collaboration between Supreme and Louis Vuitton sounds to be a comprehensive and complete voyage, through which each facet of New York style will be embraced. It can even be said that people in New York have started associating themselves with Supreme brand due to the fact that they seem to know what is just about to take place. 

The price list of the items has already been released and there are adverts showing the logo at Supreme stores. A few weeks ago, Louis Vuitton products started bearing supreme logos and from recent sightings, a working environment between the two producers has been observed as each begins to associate with the other.

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Prices of Products

It has already been mentioned that there is a price list available for a number of the products advertised. A keen observation reveals that the quality of these products is expected to be high, alongside the price.

There is a general belief that high prices are associated with high quality items and so an increase in the quality is expected to result in the products becoming more expensive.

What to Expect from the Louis Vuitton and Supreme Collaboration?

How Will People React to these Products?

Even though these products are new to the market, this does not seem to be the case. They are merely a combination of two strengths which are, thus, expected to give birth to something greater.  People admire high quality products and, therefore, they will desire such products. Once people realize the benefits of this collaboration’s products, they will begin the adamant trend to consume them. 

Even though people had predicted such a collaboration, no one could have known that its results would be so big. In fact, it may prove bigger than anyone ever expected. This will change the face of luxury goods and their demand will escalate to levels that have never been witnessed before. 

The roll out of this collaboration will be seen as of July 2017. The current picture and state of this luxury will then be blurred by the collaboration as there are many things that could be expected. This unique collaboration has never been seen before and its effects will be far-reaching.