Who is America?’s 7 course meal was an absolute treat

Well, I think we all know who America is for the moment.

As for the show, I’m going to go with a resounding yes- despite many critics stating it hasn’t quite lived up to its hype or potential. I think that depends on what on earth you were expecting from Sacha Baron Cohen. Are you not entertained?! Surely you can’t say no? You may have been frightened at times, sure, but, through the cringe, could you not see the brilliance? Maybe I watched it all through slightly rose-tinted glasses. As I mentioned before, mega fan-boy over here.

Anyway, first up: No Sarah Palin! Slightly disappointing, but she did get a little mention in the end credits before guess who…OJ SIMPSON. This has to be THE most uncomfortable segment of the whole series and that really is saying something.

Cohen goes to town on this one. Here, we see him attempting to draw out a confession in an ‘interview’ with OJ that sees him uncomfortably laughing at jokes about him murdering his wife. You could say that Cohen’s gone too far but I would suggest that this is precisely the point. Surely you would just walk out anyway? As far I know, OJ’s broke and got a lot of money to do the interview, but hey, I suppose it’s okay to laugh about your dead wife when you’re in a nice hotel room in Vegas with a glass of champagne in your hand.  Remember the whole vanity thing I talked about in the last post? Yeah, well, money has a lot to do with that as well.

“I’ll sit here because you’ve paid me but that joke was out of line!”

“I’ll sit here because you’ve paid me but that joke was out of line!”

Back to Palin though, briefly. I’m thinking maybe she had her screen time and media attention before the last episode was aired. Cohen, having already played her to the max perhaps didn’t want to allow her the satisfaction of getting any more screen-time. Was that his plan all along? She probably watched the show frustratingly in vain. I really hope so. Either that or the interview really was cut short. For the sake of Cohen’s integrity I would like to imagine the former.

     Palin’s little mention. She certainly played her part!

     Palin’s little mention. She certainly played her part!

Just a quick round-up of some of the more outrageous moments and fantastic characters from the last few episodes. Quite frankly there’s too many to choose from but here’s some of my favorites:

  • Finish TV presenter OMGWhizzboyOMG asks Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio if he would accept an “amazing blow job” from Donald “Trumpf”. To which he inevitably replies “I may have to say yes”.

  • In Episode 6, British ex-con and basically slightly more twisted version of Ali G (had he gone to prison) Rick Sherman prepares a ‘gourmet’ three course meal for food critic Bill Jilla. The final course involves ‘human but ethical’ meat. That’s fine, isn’t it?

  • Dr. Nira Cain-N’Degeocello “author of Masculinity and Other Hate Crimes” is a character taking the Michael out of the extreme left. Dr. Nira wears an empathy belly in preparation for an empathy birth (use your imagination…or don’t) in Episode 6. Here’s him getting involved in a rap battle he participated in as a way to connect with a “wonderful community” of “gangster bangers” “without” culturally appropriating… So many ironic PC responses, so little time.

I mean how gullible/stupid can you be? Admittedly Cohen does help them on their way to looking like utter fools. By cleverly matching his interviewees with his character’s own heightened personality, he ensures that the victims are revealed to be mere caricatures of themselves, which is probably why so many are finding it hard to believe that this is all real. No characters or stunt. I can assure you that they are real, warts and all. On the other hand, could Sacha have exposed more from his victims? Of course, but who in their right mind would have the cojones to do what he’s done in the first place?

Surely that’s more than just a start. Why go as far as you can, when his technique has already revealed so much, while leaving the wider implications to the audience’s imagination. Besides, the irony (oh the bitter irony!) from Cohen’s victims, mainly Palin and Joe Walsh, attacking Cohen for lying to them when the administration they support is clearly based on untruths (I daren’t use the buzzwords FAKE NEWS...oops). For these reasons and more I’m giving Who is America? a 10/10 rating, must watch.

Am I doing ratings now? I suppose I am. Oh, just watch it already! Anyway, that’s it from me and Cohen for now. *Wikidiwakadesha*

FilmLukas Evans-Jones